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Village Broadband

The latest comment from BT is as follows:

"We have had to revise the plans to cater for the new estate, we will still be deploying FTTP to most of the village and we are still hoping this will be done before Christmas, for the estate and some of the houses in the village we have reached agreement with Bellway to install an FTTC cabinet and the plans have gone through and we are hoping that this will be installed about Feb time."

Further comments from Jane Hutt AM are as follows:

"Please see below, all of the properties will be served by a superfast connection, the black boxes with RED writing will be those served with FTTP. The Purple boxes with BLACK writing will be those served by the new FTTC cabinet which will also feed the properties on the new estate. These are the various connection points that the customer will connect to once they place an order.

The new FTTC cabinet is later in the programme as it is additional work outside the Superfast Cymru programme so it will not potentially be done in the same timeframe as the FTTP installation which is due by February.

Properties will be served by a superfast connection

Village Broadband Poster

Wednesday 10th of Feb. a meeting was held in the village hall about fibre broadband coming into the area. Jane Hutt attended and also Martin Jones from BT.

Thanks to those of you who attended the Village meeting about fibre broadband. If you wish to be kept informed of ongoing developments please send your email address to "ystradfibre@gmail.com" and we will add you to the mailing list

A copy of the presentation slides brought in by Martin from BT ia attached here for your information

Ystradowen - Broadband presentation


The YCSA needs you

To run these events in the village; for the village - volunteers are required

There are many tasks that need doing from cooking, tree erecting, serving beer etc.

If you can help - Please email; call; tell someone... anyway you can... also spread the message!