Whatever is the size and quality of your project, you will not achieve much without the assistance and support of qualified programmers (ie. https://idego-group.com/how-to-find-web-app-developers-for-your-project/). In programming web applications, collaborating with qualified and experienced partners is a necessity, not only to guarantee the quality of the product but also to ensure its evolution over time.

Where to Find Programmers?

The three SEO platforms for developers that are mostly recommended by experts include:

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the largest community of computer experts in the world. It is visited by more than 50 million Internet users every month and has a database of around 60,000 programmers in 273 countries. Each year, it conducts surveys of software developers and recruiters around the world to report on developments in the development market.

For ten years, Stack Overflow has supported employers in the search for qualified profiles. Whether you are looking for programmers for permanent, fixed-term or freelance jobs, you will find profiles that are perfectly suited to your projects.


Hopwork is although a French platform; however, it specializes in referencing freelancers all over the world. It only offers independent computer programmers but has a sufficiently qualified and experienced database to carry out any type of project including:

  • Back-End development.
  • Front-End development.
  • Chatbot, Messenger, WordPress, agile method, react native.
  • Java, iOS, PHP, API, Ruby, etc.


As the name suggests, CreativLink is a platform that specializes in creating designs. It offers various profiles of the software engineer, of course, but the conception of designs and everything related to the graphic charter of an application is the specialty of its members. Services include:

  • Interface design.
  • Logo.
  • Icon.
  • Pictures.
  • Graphics.

Where to Find Programmer in London


Letting web positioning do its magic can be quite risky. You will find agencies or software developers over the search engine giant, who are working on SEO but who may not be what your project needs. In addition, it involves the investment of precious time that you may not be able to afford.

Freelance Webs

There are more and more portals for freelancers, such as Fiverr, Workana or Malt, where you can find an expert programmer. But how do you check the references of a computer programmer? In many cases, you have to trust a portfolio without knowing if it is 100% real. Furthermore, comparing references can be an odyssey and opinions are not always reliable. Moreover, the ratings may not be real on freelance websites.


There are several meetups over the web where software developers meet to stay on top of the trends and get to know about different opportunities. Some of the best meetups include:

·       Tech for Good: This meetup includes hackers, developers, designers, coders who are experts in the provision of digital solutions.

·       London Java Community: If you are looking for Java programmers, this meetup is the best place where developers are bought together to share knowledge within the industry. Whether you want to remain updated with the latest tech trends in the industry developments, discussing about technical and non-technical issues along with meeting developers, Java Community is the right place to come.

·       PHP London: This meetup consists of a group of programmers, developers, designers as well as recruiters who meet up for exchanging of ideas along with discussing codes and innovation.

·       WordPress London: This is another good place to know where to find programmers. If you are looking for WordPress designers and computer experts, the meetup will undertake 2 – 3 discussing forms along with a Q&A session which will be followed by networking.

·       Minibar: If you have a startup in London or are in search of a web developer for social networking or over topic related to Web 2.0, Minibar is the best option with 8,125 programmers registered and the meetup takes place on a monthly basis.

At the competition

It may sound risky, but it is an additional option. Find out who has developed a website in your area similar to what you are looking for, this can be the basis. But of course, there can be a conflict of interest. It is important that you understand even the smallest of the details and find a cyberneticist.